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Web developer, writer, speaker, Free and Open Source Software contributor
and sometimes a gamer.

  • 22 Oct 2015

    Make it testable

    I really like the way Symfony is changing the PHP community and in general leading us to a better place. It’s really nice to see people using good practices in their daily work and pet projects. But I still have one concern with Symfony2 projects: The heavy dependency on the...
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  • 28 May 2015

    Don't give up on your tests

    It’s a new day and you are about to start a new project. It’s not a public/open source project, it’s a private one, for the company you are working for. You sit together with your team and everyone is excited about the possibility to use new technologies and play with...
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  • 23 Apr 2015

    Bulgaria Web Summit 2015

    So, I attended to my first conference as a speaker out of Brazil! Wow! It was a very nice experience and I want to share how it was for me. I was a speaker for some Brazilian conferences in the past few years and when I moved to Germany in...
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  • 26 Feb 2015

    Installing global commands with Composer

    A few time ago PHP developers could have global libraries installed via PEAR. Ok, we still can install some things via PEAR, but this distribution method is being deprecated and replaced by Composer. Usually Composer is used to install local dependencies for each project, but I guess not everyone know...
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  • 12 Feb 2015

    Are micro-frameworks for beginners?

    In my last post about micro-frameworks a new question came to the table: Are micro-frameworks a good choice for beginners? What some of the options out there claim is that they are super simple to use and no matter if you are a novice or an experienced developer, they are...
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  • 08 Jan 2015

    Are micro-frameworks suitable only for small projects?

    When I first heard about micro-frameworks I thought they were suitable only for small projects, prototyping and small REST Apis (or other types of Apis). Well this kind of thinking wasn’t my fault. That’s how some micro-frameworks were presented to the world. And still, nowadays, some of them have descriptions...
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  • 13 Oct 2014

    Continuous Integration and Deployment with Codeship

    If you were sleeping for the past two years you may be surprised by a movement called DevOps. DevOps tries to bring together development and operations teams, since those teams have different points of view from the product they keep running. Usually the Dev team want to update the code...
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  • 02 Oct 2014

    Using Fedora for a week

    A week ago I decided to try a different GNU/Linux distro for my desktop. I use Debian for many years and I like to try a new distro now and then, you know, just to leave my comfort zone for a while. The distro for the week should be different...
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  • 22 Aug 2014

    How does the PHP autoload work?

    I know this issue is kinda old and everybody already wrote something about it, but I think it’s worth to talk about it one more time. This post is for the PHP beginners :) PHP source files are just plain text files with the php extension, or not even it,...
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